Media Services

Michezonet seeks to ensure that it is able to give coverage and report on leagues and tournaments within the country. The main sporting activities covered to this time include rugby, handball. Basketball and soccer.

We run the first all sports website for local sports which is an interactive facility for fans through blog and  in addition to getting sports news. This is intended to provide a debate forum on the various issues affecting sports and hence improve sports in the country.

We have a mini studio where all the processing of media information is channelled. We carry out broadcast coverage of sports events and also offer post production services.
We also manage media and publicity on behalf of the clubs and federation.

Sponsorship and Merchandising

Michezonet negotiates sponsorship agreements, event creation, dealing with issues such as the integration of the event sponsorship, programme sponsorship and agreements on behalf of the clubs, federations and companies.

We get into partnerships with corporate organizations that may want to promote their products through the sponsorship of different sports.
We supply sporting equipment, uniform and accessories.

Events Management

Michezonet works as Agents of the different sports club and stadia to provide ticketing and event management service. We assist event owners in developing and managing the sports tournaments. We also assist with the access control of venues; manage the media platform and development of local, national and regional events. Our aim it will be to work with socially responsible organization i.e those that have shown genuine commitment to supports in the country. We also do Crowd Control & Parking Management.

Management Consultancy

Because of our involvement with different services some of which are highly technical and also different sport, we have a strong team of associates who have genuine understanding and vast knowledge of the national and international sports business. We act and advise in a broad range of other management issues. Our consulting team is specialized in the development of strategies and business modelling of sports rights and properties. Our intention is to improve the management of supports in the country and uplift its image both locally and internationally.